Yellow, Red, Blue and Green

Lights flicker as I look at the ceiling of my room.

These fairy lights, sometimes yellow, sometimes red, sometimes blue, sometimes green;

remind me of festive nights i spent with them,

of sharing little secrets,

of starting from the end,

and ending the beginning.

As I gaze through them,

these fairy lights tell me songs of love and freedom,

of union and departure.

And when they shine,

I think of the rainbows and the meadows, of beautiful butterflies,

blue skies and free birds flying high,

of galaxies and stars that shine just the same,

but we never know if they exist anymore,

they shine just for us, in their past but in our present,

and when the lights dim,

it gets dark.

I can’t see but feel the randomness of life and death,

of being nothing in this vast universe of nothingness,

everything seems to halt.

These fairy lights, yellow, red, blue and green,

talk to me of their existence,

in a second they bring hope and another despair.

Ahhh despair…..

What an old friend,

but my friend, despair is too old now, nearing its death.

Hope too, was a good friend of the past,

because sometimes hope is just in the past.

Oh and the many friends I’m losing,

I’m gaining more of myself.

Lights, yellow, red, green and blue,

goodnight my friends, till I see them again.

Lecturer @IAC|Fulbright Alum @TheNewSchool| Founder @myvoice_unheard ,@academicsaccessible,@cc.canvasconnection,@la1dayuniversi1|Previously @rabtt,@yesnetworkpk

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Anum Nawaz

Lecturer @IAC|Fulbright Alum @TheNewSchool| Founder @myvoice_unheard ,@academicsaccessible,@cc.canvasconnection,@la1dayuniversi1|Previously @rabtt,@yesnetworkpk