Anum Nawaz
1 min readOct 14, 2019


Personas we put up everyday

So many a day

One for a friend

One for the people

One for someone else

Personas we put up everyday

To hide the demons

That lie in us

To hide the angels that lie in us

To hide the desires, the cravings, the truth within us

Personas we put up everyday

A persona walking by us everyday

A persona of hate

A persona of love

A persona of care

A persona of trust

A persona of warmth

A persona of Mysticism

A persona we carry everyday

A persona of work

A persona of life

A persona of death

A persona of happiness

But the persona we are, who knows?

Perhaps a persona of I know who I am

I am a persona

Hidden from myself

I am a persona of my own fears, of my own struggles

And as I hide it so comfortably each day,

I realize, I may not even have a persona

Maybe, I am a persona……Nobody



Anum Nawaz

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