I believe

I believe in eyes with joyful tears

I believe in smiles of blues

I believe who die at 20 and are buried at 80

I believe in the shattered hearts, broken pieces

I believe in hearts so big and the bodies too small

I believe in sad eyes and smiling faces

I believe in wounded souls and unhealed scars

I believe in people who hear voices

I believe in the fear of losing

Because sometimes what I believe in, is important not because I believe in it but because it is important to be believed in

I believe in ideas and ambitions

In strong faith and illusions

I believe in a world full of lies but also fairies and angels

I believe there is no past which could be traced back

I believe in an abandoned cottage full of gold

I believe in small little things that bring joy

I believe in flowers and butterflies in a hazy garden

I believe in going for quiet walks near the water

I believe in curly hair and flowing frocks

I believe in the colors of the rainbow held by the horns of a unicorn

I believe in imagination and freedom

I believe rising up from the loss of things

I believe that opposites compliment

I believe in forgiving and forgetting

I believe in savoring the good moments while you are at them

I believe that the most generous are the ones who have too little to give

I believe in being vulnerable and to be human

I believe in not forgetting the acts of kindness

I believe in talking to strangers for long hours

I believe that everything is alive and breathing

I believe in doing little and being happy about it

I believe in telling her….” Hey!! Never to give up!!”

Because sometimes believing IS

Hence, I believe I believe, I believe



Lecturer @IAC|Fulbright Alum @TheNewSchool| Founder @myvoice_unheard ,@academicsaccessible,@cc.canvasconnection,@la1dayuniversi1|Previously @rabtt,@yesnetworkpk

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Anum Nawaz

Lecturer @IAC|Fulbright Alum @TheNewSchool| Founder @myvoice_unheard ,@academicsaccessible,@cc.canvasconnection,@la1dayuniversi1|Previously @rabtt,@yesnetworkpk