A Wandering Silhouette

Anum Nawaz


There is a mourning Silhouette

In an empty space, dark and cold

A space that feels like home,

A home so silent, a home so peaceful,

But a home so lonely

The floors of this empty space, shines its darkness

Like the reflection of a mirror

And the silhouette, a trembling silhouette,

Stands with its thin legs, judder and weak

It is blue in color, white soggy red eyes, uncombed blue hair.

Looking for a source of light,

The silhouette wanders, crawling on its knees and hands

Knees and hands that are sore, tremoring uncontrollably.

Occasionally, it sighs with its mouth open, and clueless empty eyes.

But mostly it mourns out of longing.

This silhouette is a soul un-kept and neglected

A soul that is tired and longs for love.

Where shall it find its home?

For it is a clueless soul,

Burdened by the atrocities of the world.

How will this depleted soul heal its open wounds?

Who shall come by for help?

Maybe another lost, bleeding blue soul

Or just the home that it longs for

Asking for its way back home, but is there a home to where its heart belongs?

Or does it have a heart?

Is there a place of solace?

A wandering soul seeks

Has the wandering soul forgiven itself?

Then why is it looking for a home?

For a home is in forgiving one’s self,

Being home is coming back to one’s self

Being who among us know the self?

For self is nothing but love and love is God.



Anum Nawaz

Lecturer @IAC|Fulbright Alum @TheNewSchool| Founder @myvoice_unheard ,@academicsaccessible,@cc.canvasconnection,@la1dayuniversi1|Previously @rabtt,@yesnetworkpk